Monday, November 2, 2009

Two days today

For the month of November, bloggers everywhere vow to update every day.

I, on the other hand, started the month by totally forgetting to update. I'm lucky I didn't sign up.

Yesterday I put all of the Halloween decorations away, except for a giant spider that is mysteriously sitting on the rug in the front hall.

I also (finally) turned off the air conditioning. I didn't realize that I hadn't covered up the air conditioner or turned it off until I went to set the Halloween black light on top of it. I covered it up on Saturday, but I didn't turn it off for reasons I don't really remember. I assume laziness is near the top of the list, though.

Today I had another interview. I think it went well - it's a small company, so I interviewed with the company president, then I met with the HR person. I think we were philosophically on the same page. It's an interesting business, and it sounds like a good place to work. We'll see how it goes.

When I got home, I continued on my quest to clean out my desk. Things I found today included:
- 3 books of music for the trumpet
- my high school yearbooks
- a binder full of orientation material from my job at the big company (the one I got laid off from in 2007). It's a nice binder that I had no idea even existed.


  1. One is supposed to blog everyday in November? I don't think I will be doing that!

    Good luck with that position! Hope you get it!

  2. Jackie, November is NaBloPoMo (I think) - bloggers sign up and then update their blog every day. Clearly, I'm not doing it this year either. :)