Friday, November 20, 2009

Two days today

I started feeling better yesterday. Not 100%, so I still skipped boxing tonight (even though I really wanted to go), but I have energy and food doesn't repulse me, so that's something.

Remember how I was cleaning off one bookshelf so that I could move stuff over there from the desk? Yesterday I started moving stuff over. The next things to go will be photo albums, but before I do that, I need to put pictures in the photo albums. Specifically, I haven't put any pictures from my two trips to Botswana in albums - and I haven't even gotten prints from my trip this year. (Yes, I have them all on the computer, but it's a bit more convenient to show people actual prints sometimes.)

Today I did some more filing. I haven't cleaned out the filing cabinet, but that's on the list. I also did some more shredding - that pile is getting a lot smaller.

I'm not spending much time each day doing these things - maybe 10 minutes on an average day - but it really does add up.

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