Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So ... I was overly optimistic when I said my fever was gone. It is back - but on and off. Very odd.

The staffing firm I was working with called this morning. They have another possibility for me. I have applied at that company before, but the guy I work with at the staffing company is going to check and see if he can still present me as a candidate.

It's nice to have other people looking for jobs for me.

Anyway, today's anti-procrastination project was continuing to clean/organize my bookshelf. Nothing too exciting there, just a bunch of old papers I should have gotten rid of years ago.

Let's talk about something more interesting, OK?

A month or two ago, my niece called me. She wanted to ask if I would help her build a Lego house when I go for Christmas. Apparently she was trying to build one and she was having problems.

I said I would and pointed out that she's only five - it's OK if she doesn't know how to do everything.

Since she wants to build a really big house, I decided to buy her more Lego for Christmas.

I looked in stores around here, but most of them sell specific kits. I just wanted an assortment of blocks.

It seems like the kind of thing the internet would know about, so today I checked it out. It turns out that Lego sells basic kits. They also sell individual pieces.

I bought a pile of roof pieces and a basic kit. Hopefully, we'll have a good time playing this Christmas.


  1. I LOVE playing with Legos. I still have the huge assortment we accumulated over the years my boys used them.

    I'm sure you and your niece will have a good time. Make sure you take a picture of the house and post it.

  2. I love Lego! Unfortunately, my parents knew I couldn't be trusted to clean it up and my dad felt he would be constantly stepping on stray pieces [he was right], so I only had access to it @ my baby-sitters house.

    It's encouraging to hear that your niece is interested in Legos - it's normally a "boy toy."

  3. I love Legos too. In fact, the bricks my niece currently has are my old ones. (I'm sure some were originally my sisters' as well.)

    My niece is very conscious of 'girl' things vs. 'boy' things, but apparently Legos are OK. She has a very logical mind, so I'm not surprised that she likes them. The sets that you can buy at stores (like Zellers or Toys R Us) are heavily geared towards boys. No way would my niece build a construction Lego set or a Star Wars fighter. I'm glad that Lego itself sells more generic pieces.