Friday, November 6, 2009

Ready for the song and dance?

Today's anti-procrastination projects are things that just happened today. They are things I could (and usually would) procrastinate about, though, so I've decided they count.

Let's start with the second one.

Remember how a couple of weeks ago, I bought new runners? Well, tonight at boxing I noticed that one edge was catching on the floor when I pivoted. That's right, the sole was coming off the shoes.

When I got home, I immediately boxed them back up and took them back to the store. (Well, not that immediately, I took a shower first.) The cashiers were really good about it - they had to get the manager's permission to exchange the shoes because they were obviously worn, but they were victorious. Then, they looked for a replacement. There was some minor panic when they didn't have another identical pair, but it turned out they had the same shoe in a different colour. I'll miss my silver alien shoes, but I'll survive with my white and red shoes.

Incidentally, this makes the third year in a row that it has taken me two pairs of shoes before getting one that works. (The last two times it was a fit problem. This is the first defective pair I've had.)

When I got home, I dealt with the first potential procrastination item of the day. When I got the mail, there was a cheque address to some business I'd never heard of at my address. I was puzzled, but I planned to write "not at this address" and toss it back in the mailbox tomorrow.

However, on my way to boxing, I remembered a conversation with one of my neighbours about a business he was starting. I was pretty sure that this was meant for him.

I called him, and yes, it was his cheque, so I ran over and dropped it off.

I'm glad I eventually clued in.

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