Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Kitchen's so Bright, I Have to Wear Shades

Compared to last Saturday, toady was a very relaxing day. I got my hair done. (It looks awesome.) I did a few errands.

I even did some anti-procrastination projects. First of all, I continued working to clean out my desk. I found a bunch of pictures that need to go in albums (and a bunch of albums, most of which have pictures in them). I found a bunch of pages from an old page-a-day calendar. (I'm not clear on why I kept them.)

I also changed a light bulb in the kitchen.

My kitchen light consists of four halogen bulbs. They can swivel in any direction. When they're all lit, the kitchen is very bright. When one of them is burnt out, some part of the kitchen is shadowy and dark.

However, the kitchen light is on a lot. And there are four bulbs. And they are tricky to change. Usually, one of them burns out, I change it, then the next one burns out, etc. The last time I changed a bulb, I made a note that we were out of bulbs. I bought them about a week later. A day after that, another bulb burnt out.

I didn't bother changing it.

That was several weeks ago. Today I finally managed to change the light bulb.

I continue to be amazed at how bright the kitchen is.


  1. Our kitchen and living room lights are the same - halogen and difficult to change out. I gave up on the living room and now use standing lamps.

  2. I don't know about your lights, but my biggest problem is that it's hard to grasp the light bulb to turn it. The halogen bulbs my fixture uses are almost sharp on the edge.

    If I were to change the light fixture, I would definitely pick one with easier to change bulbs.

  3. Yes! That is part of the problem! Also in the kitchen, the light fixtures are held together with tiny screws - annoying to deal with when they are up so high. In the living room and bedroom they are recessed lighting and getting your hand in there is a challenge.