Sunday, June 5, 2016

More about the foot

I had an appointment with my surgeon this week. To my surprise, the foot is healed. I still can't walk - I have about 6 weeks of physio ahead of me - but this is good news. 


The surgeon referred me to the physiotherapy place at the hospital. I called while I was still at the hospital, but they didn't answer. I could have scooted over to find them, but I didn't know exactly where they were, and I don't tend to do any more travel than I need to.

They called back when I was on the bus, and said they needed the req before they'd book an appointment. I could either drop it off during business hours or fax it in.

I have a job, so dropping it off during business hours is out. And I do not have a fax machine.

I eventually figured out that, but I am not impressed with the customer-hostile approach they've taken. There is no earthly reason why I can't bring the req with me to the first appointment, other than that their process is broken. There is no reason why they can't put a mail slot in their door so that people can't drop off reqs outside of business hours. And there is no reason they can't accept reqs via email, rather than relying on technology from the last century. 

I plan to start physiotherapy this week, but it may not be with these yahoos.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Well, I survived the two weeks sitting around with my feet up, which is not as fun as it sounds. I also rented a knee scooter, which made a huge difference to my mobility.

That's Wanda on my knee scooter.

Last week I went back to work. One of my neighbours gave me a ride, which I greatly appreciated. 

This week I started taking the bus again. I wanted to be back on my own schedule, and it worked out ok. I did get a ride home yesterday, though, since I was getting pretty sore.

I've been in pretty good spirits so far, but today I've hit my limits. I want to stop being sore, and I want to be able to do stuff again.

I can't heal fast enough for me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Oh right, it's one foot in front of the other

'On Saturday, I forgot how to walk down stairs.

You see, a friend invited me to go to Wonderland with her and her daughters. We were staying with her sister-in-law, and we got in around 11:30 on Friday night. Everyone was asleep, so we went to bed ourselves. In the morning, I got up, took a shower, meet the sister-in-law for the first time, and then fell down the stairs.

I knew immediately that I was hurt pretty bad, and it became obvious very quickly that my ankle was broken. My friend applied ice and a splint, and then we figured out that we needed to call an ambulance. The paramedics arrived, splinted it properly, and then carried me out to the ambulance.

Incidentally, it's weird to be in a moving vehicle while lying down. 

I got to the hospital and they transferred me to a bed there. I had X-rays, and they discovered that my ankle was dislocated and broken in three places. 

They put me under to realign it, then put a temporary cast on it. It felt much, much better after it was no longer dislocated, although it was obviously not great. 

In the meantime, my friend's daughters and their cousins were at Wonderland. Around 6, it became obvious that surgery was not going to happen, and the surgeon gave me three choices: transfer to another hospital for the night, then have surgery in the morning; go home for the night and come back to the Ajax hospital for surgery, or go back to Ottawa. We decided to go back to Ottawa, so we called the girls and asked them to come back. (My friend's brother had taken my car, so we needed the car, too.)

We left around 9 and had to stop to get a prescription fcr pain. It turns out Percocet doesn't help me with pain, but it does make me drowsy. I wasn't in too much pain, though, so it was OK.

We got back to Ottawa around 2 a.m. and went straight to emergency. They took more X-rays and told me to come back at 8. Getting into the house at 4 am was interesting. At one point, I offered to sleep in the front hall, but my friend and Wanda managed to get me onto my foot. 

We went back to the hospital at 8. I talked to the surgeon, and he sent me home until they were ready to operate. It was so much nicer to be at home. They called later on Sunday and said that they weren't going to operate that day, and that I could eat and drink until midnight. After two days of fasting most of the day, this was good news. 

Yesterday morning, they called and told me to be at the hospital at 10:30. They operated around 12:30, and Wanda picked me up around 5. A friend's parents also came to the hospital in case Wanda needed help, but I was pretty functional.

You know, I know some pretty awesome people. People have brought food, and a reclining chair, and a shower stool, and a walker and wheelchair. It's been really nice.

I have to sit with my foot up above my heart, so I am off work for two weeks. I expect I'll be bored at some point, but right now I'm spending a lot of time sleeping. I can't really concentrate on much, either, so little iPad games are all I can do for entertainment. Hopefully that will improve soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

All About Me quilts 4 & 5

Yesterday I finished two more all about me quilts. These ones will be the last ones for a while - Ottawa went from snow on Monday to summer today, and I am looking forward to doing more outdoor projects (including woodworking, which I do outside since there's no good space inside).

Here are some pictures:

I dropped the quilts off last night, and the kids were really happy with them. It's actually funny how much kids love these. I think the appealing part is how customized they are - the colours are their favourite colours, and many of the squares are inspired by things they like. It's always fun to deliver one.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The small matter of a kitchen fire

On Sunday, I pulled the big cast iron frying pan out of the drawer. The outside of it felt greasy, so I ran some hot water and washed it. When I thought it was clean, I put it on the stove and started to cook.

I was busy getting things ready, but at some point I thought it was a good idea to pick up the pan. (Why did I do that? It's a mystery.) As soon as I picked it up, there were flames on the entire bottom and sides of the pan.

That's right, heat + fuel + oxygen makes fire. I set the pan down and the fire went out immediately.

Apparently the pan wasn't as clean as I thought.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Manipulation, failed

Wanda is pretty suggestible when it comes to food. If I mention something she likes, sooner or later she will go make or get it. I will admit I sometimes use that to my advantage.

Earlier today, I took some pumpkin out of the freezer with the intention of making pumpkin muffins, but it took a while to thaw, and I was doing other stuff, and suddenly it was 7:30 and there were no muffins made. 

Me: "Mmm, pumpkin muffins."
Me: "You know, I did fix your winter jacket earlier."
Wanda: "Uh huh."
Me: "That requires payment, you know."
Wanda: "Would you like ... a piece of cheese?"

I made the muffins.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

At the sugar bush

Yesterday, I went out to Fulton's Maple Farm. Fulton's is one of the local sugar bush places, which are popular this time of year when the sap is running. It's a chance to see how maple syrup is made and get out of the city.

I haven't been in ... a few years - by which I mean that I'm pretty sure the last time I went was before my 12-year-old niece was born, so I decided to go this year. 

We got there around noon and went on a sleigh ride through the forest.

It was a little chilly, so we went over to the bonfire to warm up. While we were there, we discovered a woman using coals to carve out the inside of a spoon. We decided to try it ourselves, so we paid our $10 for all three of us to give it a try. They gave us each a piece of wood in the shape of a spoon, and picked hot coals out of the fire.

We used the stick to hold the coal in place and blew on the coal to make it burn.

As the coals disintegrated, we used the stick to carve out the burnt part and then got new coals. The stick came in handy to move the coals to whatever area we were working on.

When we had enough of the bowl carved out, one of the workers used a knife to shave off the top of the spoon, and to get rid of some of the extra wood around the edges.

When I got home, I used coarse sandpaper to smooth out the back and handle, and also to get rid of more of the burnt part of the inside of the bowl.

(After we made the spoon, we had the traditional pancakes, which were good but did not compare to the awesomeness of the spoon.)