Friday, September 20, 2013


I've mentioned before that I wear a nightguard. Even though I'm so weird about not putting it in my mouth until I'm lying down and ready to go to sleep, if I wake up in the middle of the night and it's not in my mouth (because I fell asleep before I was ready, or because I took it out in my sleep), I have to put it in in order to go back to sleep.

So when I woke up at 2 a.m. this morning and didn't know where it was, the first thing I did was reach out my arm to see if it was on the edge of the bed.

The second thing I did was knock it onto the floor. I turned on the light and didn't see it, so I got up and moved the bed slightly ... and knocked the plugs for the light and the clock radio out of the wall.

FYI, it's dark at 2 a.m.

I managed to get the light plugged in again, but the clock radio just didn't cooperate. The plug was a little bent, so I tried bending it back with my fingers.

No luck.

I got up, found a pliers, and straightened the plug.

Still no luck.

I had two choices:
1) Figure out how to plug in the alarm clock, or
2) Get my cell phone and figure out how to set an alarm on it.

I picked up the alarm clock and went into the kitchen, where at least the plug-ins are high enough to keep me from having to bend over. The plug didn't work.

That's when I figured out it was upside down. I flipped it around, and it worked in the kitchen, and in the bedroom.

I cleaned my nightguard and went back to sleep.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

How was your day?

Yesterday morning, I started the car and noticed that a light was on.

A red light. Specifically the battery light.

I've mentioned before that I have underground parking at work, and I have seen tow trucks trying to get cars out of the second level (where I usually park) before. It's not a pretty sight, so I made a point of parking on the first level.

And backing in.

I called and made an appointment to bring the car in today, and then hoped for the best. 

I had boxing last night, so I left early (in case the car didn't start). It started.

It started after boxing, too. 

And this morning, it started again. I started driving to the garage.

Half way there, the radio turned itself off. (Yes, I probably should have turned it off earlier - I didn't think of it.) 

When I was a few blocks away, the speedometer started waving like crazy, and the airbag light started  flashing. The signal lights started seeming ... drowsy, too.

By this point, I was very, very close.

More specifically, I was at the red pin, and I was going to the green pin. The only thing in between was a strip mall. 

And a red light.

The car stalled. 

Luckily, two bystanders pushed me out of the turning lane, and CAA was fast.

Monday, September 2, 2013

More goats than you'd usually see in a museum

Several months ago - May? June? - Lynn had a contest to give away family passes to the Museum of Agriculture. She had, if I remember correctly, 10 passes, and all you had to do was leave a comment to enter.

I'd never actually been to the museum, so I left a comment, and I won! (OK, the odds were good, but it was still exciting.)

On Saturday, I went to the museum with my friend and her 2 kids.

It was the perfect day for it - nice, but not too hot, and the forecasted rain meant that it wasn't terribly busy.
We got there around 10:30, and we started by checking out the horses, which were outside. They gave us a map and schedule of demonstrations, so at 11, we made our way to the "meet the donkey" session - which was, as it turned out, right by the goats. My friends daughter loves goats, and she was thrilled to watch them as we waited for the donkey. The donkey demo was interesting, and we got to pet her after the talk. 

We walked through the Learning Center, then went to the 11:30 Amazing Worms talk. The kids didn't want to hold the worms, but they enjoyed pumping water and looking through Energy Park.

Energy Park is also next to the playground, so we spent some time there before the Butter Making demo at noon. The kitchen where the butter making demo is is right by exhibits on tractors and bees, so we looked through those before heading out to the "Artifacts in Action" demo, where we saw how they size eggs and ground wheat into flour. By this point, we were starting to get hungry, so we re-visited the places the kids wanted to spend more time in, and then left.  

It was an excellent way to spend a Saturday - and, since it's a long weekend, there were still two weekend days left!

Thanks, Lynn!