Thursday, September 5, 2013

How was your day?

Yesterday morning, I started the car and noticed that a light was on.

A red light. Specifically the battery light.

I've mentioned before that I have underground parking at work, and I have seen tow trucks trying to get cars out of the second level (where I usually park) before. It's not a pretty sight, so I made a point of parking on the first level.

And backing in.

I called and made an appointment to bring the car in today, and then hoped for the best. 

I had boxing last night, so I left early (in case the car didn't start). It started.

It started after boxing, too. 

And this morning, it started again. I started driving to the garage.

Half way there, the radio turned itself off. (Yes, I probably should have turned it off earlier - I didn't think of it.) 

When I was a few blocks away, the speedometer started waving like crazy, and the airbag light started  flashing. The signal lights started seeming ... drowsy, too.

By this point, I was very, very close.

More specifically, I was at the red pin, and I was going to the green pin. The only thing in between was a strip mall. 

And a red light.

The car stalled. 

Luckily, two bystanders pushed me out of the turning lane, and CAA was fast.

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  1. My check engine light came on a few weeks ago but I kept driving the car as it has done this before and it was some emission control gadget that needed to be replaced. Finally got the car to the mechanic to find that this time a gasket on top of the fuel tank had failed. Very costly to replace. And, by the way, your battery is just about gone, want us to replace that, too? Yes. I don't want to have happen to me what just happened to you. I get very scared when my car dies in traffic.