Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I know I didn't update yesterday. It was a crazy day. I had my usual activities (the gym and boxing) plus decorating for Halloween and carving a pumpkin.

Today I got up early (too early) to write three tests for jobs with the federal government. The first test started at 8:30, so I left the house at 7. (Well, OK, 7:05). It was pouring.

I was two minutes from the bus stop when the bus went by (early, I might note). The next bus was late ('cause that's how it works). I got there in time, though, and wrote the first test.

For the first test, we were allowed an hour and a half (after the 30 minutes of reading the instructions and handing out the test booklets). I finished a couple of minutes early.

After that, I had an hour before the next test at 11:30. We were again allowed an hour and a half, but I was done in less than an hour.

That gave me lots of time before my third test at 2:30. For this one, we were allowed an hour and forty minutes. I again finished in about an hour - which was awesome, because I was more than ready to go home - and the rain had stopped!

Yesterday, I decorated the house/yard. After I got home, I put out a few extra decorations that I didn't want out in the rain. I also took some pictures ... so I hope you're all ready.

That is Wanda, all dressed up for Halloween. She was planning to go to a party tonight, but she has been sick the last couple of days, and in the end she didn't feel up to going. She is answering the door instead.

Wanda's vampire pumpkin (carved last night).
Pickled aliens on the front step.
The mailbox.
To the left of the front step. The skull is a candle holder. Those are my Halloween curtains - and if you look carefully, you can see the witch on the window.
The bushes to the left of the step.
The front walkway. That web has already caught one kid. I said "Yay, dinner tomorrow." His dad laughed.
I love my gargoyle.
The gargoyle sits at the corner of the house at the end of the walk.
Below the gargoyle is the glow in the dark area. The black light is behind the bushes.
Looking towards the front step.
The large cross in the front yard - with the fresh grave and the hand & eye coming out of the ground.

From the street. The white crosses were the ones I was making. (I finished them yesterday.)

My anti-procrastination project today was a mini one - I did a very, very small amount of shredding.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Remember when I was complaining about being bored?

I got a call this morning - I have another interview on Monday. The job posting was really vague, so I'm not sure what to expect for this one.

This afternoon, I went to a meet & greet with a staffing company. It was quite interesting, and I gave them my resume.

I also followed up with the staffing company that got me that interview last week - as I suspected, I'm not getting that one.

Tomorrow is free (other than regular Friday stuff). Saturday I have 3 tests to write for a federal government job.

I'm glad it's busy, but at the same time I was getting used to not having to do much.

Anyway, on to the anti-procrastination projects today.

Last Christmas, one of my necklaces broke. I tried to scam my dad into fixing it, but he was too clever for that. It has sat on my dresser every since, still broken.

Today I fixed it. It took about 2 minutes - because I had to go downstairs to get a pair of pliers.

I also cleaned my fish's bowl. That shouldn't count as an anti-procrastination project - except I have been putting it off for three weeks. It was either clean it or get reported for cruelty to fish. Anyway, his bowl is clean now.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Press more carefully

Today I continued cleaning out my desk.

Things I found:
- a manual for some software I had to buy for one of my university courses
- my old home ec sample book from grade 9 (Comments tended to be along the lines of "press more carefully" - shocking I don't iron these days, isn't it.)
- notes from my gold Duke of Edinburgh's award expedition

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today I finally started cleaning out my desk.

I found:
- notes to an objective setting course
- a letter from my employer two jobs ago in a sealed envelope
- the list of houses I looked at while house hunting
- a half-completed logic puzzles book
- the "yearbook" from my elementary school when I was in grade 1 & 2.

There's still more to go - I only made it through about a quarter of the desk.

Tonight was also the Halloween party for Sparks.

I spent a half an hour doing my hair - and then it fell down in the car and I had to fix it when I got there.

Monday, October 26, 2009

More cleaning

My anti-procrastination project today was to continue cleaning the furnace room.

I did some de-cluttering, and some cleaning. There is still more to go, this will continue to be a project.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's in the bag

I've always read a lot. I'll read pretty much anything - or at least I'll start reading almost anything.

I don't buy books all that often - I read too many for that to be practical. I do have a few authors whose books I buy, but otherwise I rely on borrowing them, usually from the library.

I usually have 6 - 10 books out at any given time. I have an old, cloth grocery bag that I use to transport my library books.

It's a really thin bag, and has had a rip in it for ... a long time.

Well over a year ago, I came up with a plan for a new bag to use for my library runs, but I didn't get around to making it. Last year, Wanda moved in and my sewing stuff got moved quickly. End result: no bag.

Today my anti-procrastination project was to make the bag I had planned.

Here's a picture:

The outside is strips of fabric (pink, green, orange, yellow). The inner layer is an old pair of jeans.

There are no pockets or anything (although they would be easy to add if I needed them). I considered putting a zipper in the top but haven't done so yet.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What can I do without leaving the couch?

Today was a very lazy day. I managed to drag myself to the grocery store, but basically I spent much of the day sitting in my "internet" chair.

Before Wanda went to work, we watched some DVDs. I hadn't done any anti-procrastination projects yet, so I cleaned out the inside of the coffee table while we watched.

That's right, so far I have cleaned off the top, the bottom, and now the inside.

This particular coffee table has a top that lifts up to become a table, and there are small storage compartments on either side of the table that you can reach when the top is lifted.

I realize that is a confusing explanation, but I hope it made sense.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Shoe shopping

My theory has been that my runners contributed to my weird foot injury from a couple of weeks ago. (They were 14 months old, so it's not shocking that I might need new ones.) I had decided to buy new ones, but I didn't want to do that until my foot was better.

This morning, I bought new runners. They are much more snug than my old ones. I immediately work them to my pump class, where they performed well. Tonight I went back to boxing, and they worked well there as well - and my foot is no more sore than it was when I got up today. (I didn't do any of the skipping at boxing - no point in being stupid about it.)

When I get home from boxing, I set my water bottle in the kitchen, then head off to the shower. As I was getting ready for my shower, I noticed that the fan cover in the bathroom was dusty.

Normally, this would be the kind of thing I'd ignore for a couple of weeks, but today I actually cleaned it.

I also did a little bit of shredding, but nothing major.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The interview

My interview was at 9 a.m. today. Now that I'm unemployed, there are many days when I'm not out of bed by 9. I could have asked for a later time, but I always wake up when Wanda gets home at 6:15, and I wanted to get it over with.

I met with the woman from HR first, then I had a test to write, then I met with a development manager. I'd say the chat with the HR woman went well, but the chat with the development manager didn't go as well. (It didn't go badly, I'm just not sure I'm the right person for the job.)

The entire process took a little over 2 hours. After that, I headed home for lunch, then totaled up the cookie money from Sparks and took it to the bank. My anti-procrastination project of the day? I remembered to bring the books I had culled to donate to their book sale.

I was pretty fried by then, but I went to yet another dollar store in search of snakes. I found some cute little ones - I'm quite excited about them.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back to the gym

Nothing too impressive today.

I didn't sleep well last night - I was pretty stressed, and I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks. Today I did some interview prep. (I should do more, but my brain is done.) I also finally went back to the gym.

My foot is a little iffy, but I needed the exercise. I did a weight lifting class, so I had to stand on my foot, but there was no jumping or kicking. It's a little sore, but not too bad. I'll take it easy tomorrow (unless there's a kicking and jumping component to the interview) and hopefully I'll be able to do my boxing class on Friday (as long as I skip the skipping) (hee).

While I was trying to concentrate today, I noticed the cables for my stereo system. I originally routed them over the fireplace mantle, and there really was no reason for it, so today I routed them around the base of the fireplace instead. Much less noticeable.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's just a day away

Today started slowly. I found one job I wanted to apply for and had just started the cover letter when I got a phone call from the staffing company I talked to last week. I have an interview on Thursday.

The company I'm interviewing with does testing (as well as the actual interview), so I'm brushing up on a few things before then.

Tonight was also Spark enrollment, so I had running around to do for that.

As a result, it was a light anti-procrastination day. I did some shredding and sent some e-mails I had been putting off, but that was about it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The costume and more

Today I went out to the fabric store. I bought a curtain tie (to use as a belt. I also bought some fringe for the edge of the shawl I decided to make for the costume. (It's October - a shawl is probably a good idea around here.)

I stopped at the dollar store, and bought 3 snakes. I stopped at Party Packagers and bought 3 more snakes. (The problem with buying snakes at one place is that they tend to only have one kind of snake. I want a variety.)

I got home and realized I forgot to get velcro.

Luckily, I had a white strip of snaps. (I have no idea why I bought it originally.) I put that on the dress - which is officially done now.

I put the fringe on the shawl.

Above is a picture of Wanda wearing the dress & shawl. (We did not put the snakes in her hair.)

(I also provided references to the staffing company I talked to last week, but that was about it for job-search stuff today.)

None of this was an anti-procrastination project, though, so tonight I cleaned out the fridge.

I didn't clean out everything, but I did dispose of several jars of salad dressing. (Seriously, I had 6 types of salad dressing - and I rarely eat salad.) I also go rid of various other condiments that had been in there far too long.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today I decided to work on the Halloween costume. I didn't buy a pattern yesterday, since I figured I could make one up.

My plan was to look through the patterns I already have and use one of them to get the general idea for the bodice. The problem was that my patterns were scattered ever since Wanda moved in & I had to hurriedly move my sewing stuff so that she'd have somewhere to sleep.

Toady, I finally organized my patterns. I found a pattern for a polar fleece vest and used it for the bodice. It took a couple of iterations, but I finally got the bodice the way I wanted it. After that it was a simple matter of attaching the skirt. It's now done except for the velcro (or snaps or whatever) on the top - and I need to buy a belt. (The plan is to buy a curtain tie to use as the belt, I just didn't buy it yesterday.) Also, as I mentioned yesterday, I also need more snakes.

I will post pictures once the whole costume is done.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

When you get up at 11, it makes for a short day

Not too much anti-procrastination progress today. Basically, all I did was paint the future grave-markers I'm preparing for Halloween.

I also bought material to make a Medusa costume. Officially, it's for Wanda but I'm totally planning to steal it. I need more snakes, though. I might have to make a trip to the dollar store.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Anyone speak setswana?

Somehow, Fridays never seem to be very productive.

My foot is finally feeling better, but I still skipped the gym and boxing in hopes that it might someday be 100% better.

It was a beautiful fall day. I considered going for a walk - but it was the haunted walk last weekend that messed up my foot the second time, so I decided that sitting around was probably a better choice. I did get the grocery shopping done, so I don't have to brave the Saturday crowds at the grocery store.

I also started cleaning off my desk. It's a good thing I did - I found a library book that has to be returned tomorrow. I threw away a newspaper from Botswana. (If I haven't read it by now, I never will.) I also did some shredding of bills, etc. that got thrown there at one point. This didn't feel as productive as organizing the furnace room, but it was still good to make a start.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I decided to run errands before lunch this morning.

I had Sparks banking to do - which is fast, 'cause it's a commercial account, I had to mail the patchwork pieces to my mom, and I had to buy enrollment pins and badges for Sparks.

I also stopped at Party Packagers on the way home to look at Halloween decorations. No reason, I just like Halloween decorations. (I bought nothing.)

I applied for a couple of jobs this afternoon, then - keeping with the Halloween theme - I started making some simple grave markers for my lawn on Halloween. (Just wooden crosses that I will paint white.) I've been thinking about how to improve the decorations for a couple of years, but (surprise!) I procrastinated on doing anything about it. (Also, this is much simpler than some of my ideas.)

Also in anti-procrastination news, I did more shredding and then - since I was right there - I pulled some books off of my bookshelf that I do not need to keep. The Sparks bank always has a book sale for charity going on, and they always need new books. I'll try to remember to bring these in next week.

The other thing I did today was read "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society". It was recommended to me twice last week, and then I saw it as a 7 day loan at the library, so I picked it up. It is quite good - definitely worth reading.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You'd think I'd know better

I really, really didn't want to work on any of my anti-procrastination projects today. However, if I didn't , I'd have to admit it here, so I persevered.

The furnace room in the basement is also a storage area. Last year, I bought a new TV. (It was on Wanda's birthday, but for the record, it's not hers.)

The box has been sitting around in the middle of the furnace room ever since. It's annoying, but up until now, it has been less annoying than reorganizing the boxes to fit that box into the mix. However, today I reorganized the boxes and fit the TV box in so that it's no longer in the middle of the floor. In the process, I found some stuff that had fallen behind the boxes. I also moved the printer box off of the workbench, which gives me more workbench space.

It took probably 10 minutes.

Let me repeat that. I've been procrastinating on doing it for close to a year, and I got it done in 10 minutes.

And ... this is why I decided to work on projects I've been procrastinating on.

In other news, I finally boxed up the patchwork pieces so that I can mail them to my mom. Tomorrow I will mail them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two updates in one

I forgot to update yesterday. I didn't forget to do a project, just to write about it, so that's something.

After Sunday's cooking & sewing extravaganza, yesterday was a relaxing day spent eating leftovers, preparing for Sparks tonight, and reading. I've been reading Julie Kenner's "Confessions of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom" series. It's pretty fluffy, but entertaining.

However, I also made time yesterday to clean off the bottom shelf of my coffee table. You may recall that I cleaned off the top a while ago. (It's still pretty clean, I'm pleased to say.) However, the bottom shelf - home of catalogs and take-out menus - was untouched, so yesterday I went through everything that has accumulated there. I found a pay stub from 2006. (I have tidied and dusted since 2006, but apparently it's been a while since I went through everything.)

Today it was back to normal. I wrote some cover letters in the morning, then headed off to meet with the recruiter this afternoon. I actually ended up talking with both recruiters in the permanent placement division. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of this.

This meeting meant that - and I hope you're sitting down for this - I wore a shirt that requires ironing.

To put this in perspective, I burnt something onto my iron a while ago, so for last Christmas, I asked for an iron. I got the iron, and it is sitting on my dryer. It has never been out of the box.

Getting back to my anti-procrastination project, today was another day of shredding. I usually shred enough that my shredder overheats, then I stop. I'm making progress, but there's still a lot to do.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Let's start with last night, shall we?

There is a company in Ottawa that does haunted walks - i.e. walks around the downtown area telling ghost stories. Last night I went on the Original Haunted Walk. (This also marks the first time I've done any sort of organized tour of Ottawa. )

I'm glad I went on it, but it could have been better.

We started not far from the kiosk, where the tour guide talked about how that part of the city had once been a graveyard. Hundreds of people were buried there during the building of the canal and through cholera epidemics. Eventually, it was decided to move the bodies to different cemeteries and build office buildings, etc. there, but they didn't have an accurate count of how many bodies were buried, so not all were moved. When they were digging to build some of the buildings, the workers on occasion found skeletons left from the graveyard.

That was interesting, but ... not actually a ghost story.

Another story involved an old teacher's college, where apparently a night watchman saw a woman move from one classroom across the hall to another classroom. When he asked her what she was doing there, she went back to the first classroom and disappeared. He thought it was a figment of his imagination, but when he went by a display case, he saw a picture of the woman, who had been one of the first supervisors at the school. This was supposed to refute the theory that it was his imagination, but ... it seems to me that that makes it more likely - his imagination used the picture he had seen before to create the vision.

Perhaps I'm too cynical for tours like this.

Anyway, on to today.

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving meant a long weekend spent at my grandparents' farm. Other that than, there was nothing particularly different from any other weekend out there. (We went out there frequently.) We'd have a typical Sunday lunch of whatever was available - ham, roast beef, or chicken. We never had turkey, because they didn't raise turkeys.

However, when I was in high school, my grandma flew to Toronto to visit her sister (who lived in Niagara Falls). I remember standing in the kitchen as my grandpa said, "Well, even if she's not here, we can have a turkey.". That's the first year we had turkey on Thanksgiving.

Today, I cooked a turkey, but naturally I had to do things a little differently.

I made the stuffing, and put it under the skin of the turkey. (I remember reading years ago that this made the stuffing extra crispy.)
It also made the turkey too big to fit in the roaster with the lid on.

Since there was nothing in the cavity, I filled it with a lemon cut in quarters and parsley (which was let over from the cheese bread last week).
The part with the stuffing browned a lot faster. (This picture was taken before basting for the first time.)

The stuffing did get crispier, but I found it too dry. (I suspect that had more to do with the way I made the stuffing than it did with the way I cooked it.) It also stuck to the skin.

The turkey itself turned out well, though. And I successfully made gravy, which is unusual (and which I was a little concerned about due to the lemon juice mixed with the chicken drippings).

In addition, we had mashed potatoes, coleslaw (with apples), broccoli salad, fresh buns, and pumpkin pie. (Best of all, I get to eat turkey sandwiches and broccoli salad tomorrow! Best leftovers ever.)

I also finished sewing all 16 patchwork pieces. Some of them are below:

They are all similar, but have minor differences depending on things such as:
  • what way I sewed them together
  • what part of the print is on the piece
  • the centre square contains 3 pieces that are included in all of the pieces, and 1 that changes
  • how big the pieces are (and how big the seam allowances are)
I will mail them off to my mom to finish the quilts this week.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yup, it's fall.

I had a few things to pick up at the store this morning, and Wanda wanted to borrow the car at 11, so I got moving early-ish today. I was home with time to spare, then she took off and I was stuck here.

It has been a long time since I have been car-less on a Saturday.

Luckily, the weather was beautiful. I decided I'd better take advantage of it.

The days lately have been quite warm (albeit rainy), but the snow is coming. Usually I pull the garden out on Thanksgiving weekend. This year I wasn't sure I'd be able to, since it has been so wet. When today was nice, I decided to get it done. I picked the tomatoes. I picked about 2 gallons of green tomatoes, a lot of them quite small. I picked my four carrots. They were beyond tiny, possibly because someone (I'm looking at you, rabbit trying to hide under the bush) ate the tops to almost nothing. Put together, they would not make one small carrot.

I also picked the cantaloupes. This is the first year I've grown them. They grew really quickly, then ... kind of stalled. I'm not sure whether they'll keep ripening now that they're off the vine (or how to know that they're ready). I will have to do some investigation.

Once I picked the vegetables and fruit out of the garden, I pulled out the plants and put the tomato stakes back in the shed. I also turned off the water to the tap outside.

When I got back in the house, I took a nap (yup, I'm starting to require daily naps), then worked on the quilts. I got a long way towards being finished - which is good. The pieces are on the dining room table, and I need to get it cleared off before the guests arrive tomorrow night. (I could just temporarily move the pieces of material somewhere else, but I'd much rather be done.) I've also figured out what to do with the end squares.

I'm making 16 patchwork pieces in total - one for each grandchild - and I suggested to my mom that we make polar fleece quillos. A quillo (which I'm not sure I'm spelling right) is a small quilt that folds up to make a pillow. (There is a pocket on the quilt that you turn inside out with the rest of the quilt inside.)

I suggested that we use the patchwork pieces I'm creating as the cover for the pocket, and leave the rest as simple polar fleece. That's the easiest option, and most likely to result in actually getting these done sometime this decade.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My short day

I slept in late today. Very late. It made for a short day.

I did manage to apply for a couple of jobs, so that's good. The number of jobs being advertised seems to be picking up, which is also good. According to the news, the unemployment rate is dropping. I'd love to be part of that statistic.

I dragged Wanda out grocery shopping this afternoon. We should be set for food for Thanksgiving. That's good, because I imagine the stores will be crazy tomorrow.

I'm continuing to work on the quilt. I now have a deadline - I need to get it done so that I get the table cleaned off before the guests arrive on Sunday.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Feeling foolish

Do you remember how my cordless drill didn't work? Do you also remember how everyone asked me if I had charged the battery?

Do you remember how I said that I'm not an idiot and of course I charged the battery? And how I had even tried another battery?

Funny story.

Today I decided to work on building a new composter. The old one had been moved a couple of times and was falling apart. A few weeks ago, I painted some boards that I had sitting around the house.

Then it rained for two weeks. Today, however, it was nice out.

I knew the drill wasn't working, but I decided to plug in the battery just to be sure.

I then went outside, screwed the composter together by hand, then came inside to get screening (for the parts that won't be covered by wood).

(Last year, I bought more screening for the back door because I couldn't find the stuff I originally had. Today I found the original box of screening ... underneath the second box. I'm forgetful and blind but consistent.)

Anyway, I took the partially charged battery, put it in the drill, and ... the drill works.


I also tidied parts of the workbench in an attempt to find the staples for my staple gun.

It turns out they were on a chair. (Believe me, cleaning and organizing that room is on the list of things I need to do.)

In other news, I went to the doctor about my foot today. It's a rest/ice/anti-inflamatory thing. I'll have to skip the gym (and boxing) this week and next week, but hopefully it will recover soon.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cleaning Up

When you enter the house through the front door, you are in a small porch area. The coat closet is on the right and there is a bench on the left.

If you go straight, the hallway is off to the right and the living room is off to the left.

If you continue going straight, you're in the kitchen.

(This sounds like a big distance, but in reality it's probably 15 feet from the front door to the kitchen.)

There are two places that mail tends to collect - on the bench in the hallway (typically the unopened mail), and on the end table just before you get to the kitchen (the stuff that I opened and decided wasn't that interesting).

Today I cleaned off the end table. (The bench gets cleaned off whenever I pay the bills.)

I also continued work on the quilt material, but there is more work to be done there.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Whip It

Today's anti-procrastination project was a continuation of yesterday's. I cut out a couple of more colours of fabric. I'm making 16 copies of everything, so it takes a while to get it all done.

In other news, my Sparks went for a hike today. It went really well, and the girls had a great time. It had been threatening rain all day, but luckily it didn't start raining until 5 minutes after we ended our hike - then it poured.

After Sparks, I went to see "Whip It". It was really good. The downside is that now I want to hit people, possibly on roller skates.

Since my foot still hurts from boxing last week, I will try to restrain myself.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The best laid plans

I had to get up and get moving this morning. You see, it's cookie time here in Canada. That's right, Girl Guides are now selling the mint cookies, and I had volunteered to work at the pick up location handing the cookies out to the group leaders.

My shift was from 9-12, and I got there a few minutes early. There were two others working as well, which was nice. I didn't know either of them, but we had a good conversation for the three hours we were there. In fact, one of them is a next door neighbour to one of my Sparks from last year.

I had the afternoon to procrastinate job hunt, and then I went to zumba. My foot is still messed up from boxing, but I managed the zumba class without too much trouble. (I would have left if my foot were really sore, but it's mostly OK when I'm wearing shoes.)

Anyway, it was evening by the time I was ready to do something for my anti-procrastination. My project for today was going to be more shredding, and fixing a cloth grocery bag.

You see, I've been using cloth grocery bags for years. A few months ago, the handle on one of my older bags came unstitched. I didn't really need it - I have plenty of other bags - and the thread that was in the sewing machine at the time was the wrong colour, so I threw it by the sewing machine and forgot about it.

Can I see a show of hands as to who thinks I found it today so I can fix it? No one?

That is correct. It was nowhere to be found today.

However, while I was looking for it, I got distracted - which explains why I was looking on the top shelf of the closet - I know it wasn't there.

What was there was a bag of material. Specifically, it was a bag of material from my Grandma's clothes. After she died, my mom wanted to make quilts of her clothes for her grandchildren, and I volunteered to help.

She died in 1994, but I didn't get the material until well after that. (I'm pretty sure it was after I moved into the house - which admittedly was 9 years ago.)

Anyway, today I sorted through the material.

I started cutting it out, but haven't finished yet. Watch for more updates on this one.

(And if you're my sibling or cousin, try to look surprised when you see the finished product, OK?)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The weekend

You may have noticed that I didn't update yesterday. Let me tell you about my day.

Yesterday I was getting together with friends for a games day. (Basically, we spend the afternoon and evening playing games, and do a potluck meal as well.)

I got up when Wanda got home from work (a little after 7 a.m.). I mixed up dough for some garlic-cheese buns I had promised to bring, then I went back to bed.

When I eventually got up for good, I put the buns in pans and let them rise again. While they were doing that, I did an extremely small anti-procrastination project - I went through the bottom of my closet and my shoe rack in an effort to find my arch supports for my fall shoes. I was victorious - they were in the shoe rack. (They are white and the shoe rack is white, so it wasn't obvious.)

I baked the buns, and the headed off for games day.

You would think that I would have worn the shoes I just put the supports into, but I forgot and wandered out of the house in the sandals I wear in the house, so no such luck. (I did wear them today, though.)

I got home at midnight, and naturally did not fall asleep right away. At 6:05, Wanda called for a ride. (She usually takes the car when she works overnight, but, of course, I wasn't home in time last night, so I volunteered to go pick her up. It wasn't a huge sacrifice since I always wake up when she gets home anyway.)

When I got home, I went back to bed and didn't managed to do anything productive until late morning.

I had a very lazy day, but eventually managed to do more shredding. I would claim I don't know why I have so much shredding to do, but really there are two reasons: I cleaned out my income tax folder a while back, so there's that shredding, and I just generally don't like to do it, so the bills, etc. pile up. Anyway, I got more done today.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kind of an off day

Today was a very productive day in general, but I didn't get a lot of anti-procrastination projects done.

I did get a few small things done, but was mostly minor tidying. It is minor tidying that wasn't done yesterday, though.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Playing Games

Ever since I moved in, I have kept my board games in the basement. It wasn't a big deal to run downstairs when I needed to get one, so they stayed there.

However, the room they were in is now Wanda's bedroom. That makes getting them more inconvenient.

When my niece was here, she brought 2 games upstairs. They have been sitting on the floor ever since as a testament to my procrastination skills.

I'm sure you're all thinking that today I took them downstairs, but you would be wrong. Instead, I brought all the other games upstairs. They are all in the bottom of my dining room sideboard. (It's not like I own dishes that go there anyway.) It was a bit of a puzzle getting them all in there, but they do fit.

It's probably not a long term solution - it is possible that I might someday buy dishes - but it works for now.