Friday, October 9, 2009

My short day

I slept in late today. Very late. It made for a short day.

I did manage to apply for a couple of jobs, so that's good. The number of jobs being advertised seems to be picking up, which is also good. According to the news, the unemployment rate is dropping. I'd love to be part of that statistic.

I dragged Wanda out grocery shopping this afternoon. We should be set for food for Thanksgiving. That's good, because I imagine the stores will be crazy tomorrow.

I'm continuing to work on the quilt. I now have a deadline - I need to get it done so that I get the table cleaned off before the guests arrive on Sunday.


  1. The job postings I'm interested in applying for seems to go up and down. I'm in a dry spell @ the moment. And that unemployment rate really frosts my mini wheats...I always feel like it's not an accurate reflection.

  2. I find it really depends. A week ago, there was nothing. Late last week, there was a surge. The thing with the unemployment rate is that it only counts people actively looking for work & on EI (I think). If you're not on EI - because, say, you didn't apply in time or you've exceeded the maximum number of weeks - you're not counted.