Sunday, October 4, 2009

The weekend

You may have noticed that I didn't update yesterday. Let me tell you about my day.

Yesterday I was getting together with friends for a games day. (Basically, we spend the afternoon and evening playing games, and do a potluck meal as well.)

I got up when Wanda got home from work (a little after 7 a.m.). I mixed up dough for some garlic-cheese buns I had promised to bring, then I went back to bed.

When I eventually got up for good, I put the buns in pans and let them rise again. While they were doing that, I did an extremely small anti-procrastination project - I went through the bottom of my closet and my shoe rack in an effort to find my arch supports for my fall shoes. I was victorious - they were in the shoe rack. (They are white and the shoe rack is white, so it wasn't obvious.)

I baked the buns, and the headed off for games day.

You would think that I would have worn the shoes I just put the supports into, but I forgot and wandered out of the house in the sandals I wear in the house, so no such luck. (I did wear them today, though.)

I got home at midnight, and naturally did not fall asleep right away. At 6:05, Wanda called for a ride. (She usually takes the car when she works overnight, but, of course, I wasn't home in time last night, so I volunteered to go pick her up. It wasn't a huge sacrifice since I always wake up when she gets home anyway.)

When I got home, I went back to bed and didn't managed to do anything productive until late morning.

I had a very lazy day, but eventually managed to do more shredding. I would claim I don't know why I have so much shredding to do, but really there are two reasons: I cleaned out my income tax folder a while back, so there's that shredding, and I just generally don't like to do it, so the bills, etc. pile up. Anyway, I got more done today.


  1. Garlic cheese buns sound the recipe complicated? I'm a bit wary of making bready things.

  2. The buns were awesome - thank-you for bringing them.

    Jen R.

  3. Sydney, the recipe is here:

    I didn't find it hard - the most difficult part is sealing the dough packets around the cheese.

    Jennifer, I'm glad you enjoyed them. (I very much enjoyed the leftover broccoli salad.)