Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cleaning Up

When you enter the house through the front door, you are in a small porch area. The coat closet is on the right and there is a bench on the left.

If you go straight, the hallway is off to the right and the living room is off to the left.

If you continue going straight, you're in the kitchen.

(This sounds like a big distance, but in reality it's probably 15 feet from the front door to the kitchen.)

There are two places that mail tends to collect - on the bench in the hallway (typically the unopened mail), and on the end table just before you get to the kitchen (the stuff that I opened and decided wasn't that interesting).

Today I cleaned off the end table. (The bench gets cleaned off whenever I pay the bills.)

I also continued work on the quilt material, but there is more work to be done there.

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