Thursday, October 1, 2009

Playing Games

Ever since I moved in, I have kept my board games in the basement. It wasn't a big deal to run downstairs when I needed to get one, so they stayed there.

However, the room they were in is now Wanda's bedroom. That makes getting them more inconvenient.

When my niece was here, she brought 2 games upstairs. They have been sitting on the floor ever since as a testament to my procrastination skills.

I'm sure you're all thinking that today I took them downstairs, but you would be wrong. Instead, I brought all the other games upstairs. They are all in the bottom of my dining room sideboard. (It's not like I own dishes that go there anyway.) It was a bit of a puzzle getting them all in there, but they do fit.

It's probably not a long term solution - it is possible that I might someday buy dishes - but it works for now.


  1. I love board games...Joseph does not. As a result he has decided to store them on top of our tallest bookshelf. He knows I'm too lazy to get myself up there.

  2. So if someone plays games at your house it becomes two games in one - first the game itself, second getting the game back into the sideboard.