Monday, October 19, 2009

The costume and more

Today I went out to the fabric store. I bought a curtain tie (to use as a belt. I also bought some fringe for the edge of the shawl I decided to make for the costume. (It's October - a shawl is probably a good idea around here.)

I stopped at the dollar store, and bought 3 snakes. I stopped at Party Packagers and bought 3 more snakes. (The problem with buying snakes at one place is that they tend to only have one kind of snake. I want a variety.)

I got home and realized I forgot to get velcro.

Luckily, I had a white strip of snaps. (I have no idea why I bought it originally.) I put that on the dress - which is officially done now.

I put the fringe on the shawl.

Above is a picture of Wanda wearing the dress & shawl. (We did not put the snakes in her hair.)

(I also provided references to the staffing company I talked to last week, but that was about it for job-search stuff today.)

None of this was an anti-procrastination project, though, so tonight I cleaned out the fridge.

I didn't clean out everything, but I did dispose of several jars of salad dressing. (Seriously, I had 6 types of salad dressing - and I rarely eat salad.) I also go rid of various other condiments that had been in there far too long.


  1. I normally don't say this type of thing but...put the snakes on!

    The dress is a nice design, though...I am envious of people that can make/alter clothing. I have tried over and over and I'm miserable @ it.

  2. I can't make clothing for myself - the flaws drive me nuts - but costumes are OK.

    I'm going to wear the costume to Sparks next week - snakes & all - and will take a picture then so that you can see the full effect.

  3. Nice job on the costume Colette. A question, where can I get doubled-sided velcro strips?


  4. Connie, you can get velcro at a fabric store (like Fabricland) or at Walmart. (Possibly Zellers as well, but Zellers is less predictable.) I am confused about what you mean by "double sided" velcro, though.

  5. Meaning you can stick things on both sides (my Mom made bottoms to my Roman blinds, and they stay on with double-sided velcro strips.) I can show you them sometime.