Monday, October 5, 2009

The best laid plans

I had to get up and get moving this morning. You see, it's cookie time here in Canada. That's right, Girl Guides are now selling the mint cookies, and I had volunteered to work at the pick up location handing the cookies out to the group leaders.

My shift was from 9-12, and I got there a few minutes early. There were two others working as well, which was nice. I didn't know either of them, but we had a good conversation for the three hours we were there. In fact, one of them is a next door neighbour to one of my Sparks from last year.

I had the afternoon to procrastinate job hunt, and then I went to zumba. My foot is still messed up from boxing, but I managed the zumba class without too much trouble. (I would have left if my foot were really sore, but it's mostly OK when I'm wearing shoes.)

Anyway, it was evening by the time I was ready to do something for my anti-procrastination. My project for today was going to be more shredding, and fixing a cloth grocery bag.

You see, I've been using cloth grocery bags for years. A few months ago, the handle on one of my older bags came unstitched. I didn't really need it - I have plenty of other bags - and the thread that was in the sewing machine at the time was the wrong colour, so I threw it by the sewing machine and forgot about it.

Can I see a show of hands as to who thinks I found it today so I can fix it? No one?

That is correct. It was nowhere to be found today.

However, while I was looking for it, I got distracted - which explains why I was looking on the top shelf of the closet - I know it wasn't there.

What was there was a bag of material. Specifically, it was a bag of material from my Grandma's clothes. After she died, my mom wanted to make quilts of her clothes for her grandchildren, and I volunteered to help.

She died in 1994, but I didn't get the material until well after that. (I'm pretty sure it was after I moved into the house - which admittedly was 9 years ago.)

Anyway, today I sorted through the material.

I started cutting it out, but haven't finished yet. Watch for more updates on this one.

(And if you're my sibling or cousin, try to look surprised when you see the finished product, OK?)


  1. Can't wait to see the updates on the Clothes quilt!

    We are just the opposite with Girl scouts here Cookie time is early in the year Jan/Feb

  2. We actually sell cookies twice a year - the mint cookies (which are a chocolate wafer and a mint layer all covered in chocolate) are in October and the sandwich cookies (which have a row of chocolate and a row of vanilla) are in April. It works out well - the fall cookie money sets us up financially for the year, and the spring cookie money subsidizes camp.