Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today I decided to work on the Halloween costume. I didn't buy a pattern yesterday, since I figured I could make one up.

My plan was to look through the patterns I already have and use one of them to get the general idea for the bodice. The problem was that my patterns were scattered ever since Wanda moved in & I had to hurriedly move my sewing stuff so that she'd have somewhere to sleep.

Toady, I finally organized my patterns. I found a pattern for a polar fleece vest and used it for the bodice. It took a couple of iterations, but I finally got the bodice the way I wanted it. After that it was a simple matter of attaching the skirt. It's now done except for the velcro (or snaps or whatever) on the top - and I need to buy a belt. (The plan is to buy a curtain tie to use as the belt, I just didn't buy it yesterday.) Also, as I mentioned yesterday, I also need more snakes.

I will post pictures once the whole costume is done.

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