Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I know I didn't update yesterday. It was a crazy day. I had my usual activities (the gym and boxing) plus decorating for Halloween and carving a pumpkin.

Today I got up early (too early) to write three tests for jobs with the federal government. The first test started at 8:30, so I left the house at 7. (Well, OK, 7:05). It was pouring.

I was two minutes from the bus stop when the bus went by (early, I might note). The next bus was late ('cause that's how it works). I got there in time, though, and wrote the first test.

For the first test, we were allowed an hour and a half (after the 30 minutes of reading the instructions and handing out the test booklets). I finished a couple of minutes early.

After that, I had an hour before the next test at 11:30. We were again allowed an hour and a half, but I was done in less than an hour.

That gave me lots of time before my third test at 2:30. For this one, we were allowed an hour and forty minutes. I again finished in about an hour - which was awesome, because I was more than ready to go home - and the rain had stopped!

Yesterday, I decorated the house/yard. After I got home, I put out a few extra decorations that I didn't want out in the rain. I also took some pictures ... so I hope you're all ready.

That is Wanda, all dressed up for Halloween. She was planning to go to a party tonight, but she has been sick the last couple of days, and in the end she didn't feel up to going. She is answering the door instead.

Wanda's vampire pumpkin (carved last night).
Pickled aliens on the front step.
The mailbox.
To the left of the front step. The skull is a candle holder. Those are my Halloween curtains - and if you look carefully, you can see the witch on the window.
The bushes to the left of the step.
The front walkway. That web has already caught one kid. I said "Yay, dinner tomorrow." His dad laughed.
I love my gargoyle.
The gargoyle sits at the corner of the house at the end of the walk.
Below the gargoyle is the glow in the dark area. The black light is behind the bushes.
Looking towards the front step.
The large cross in the front yard - with the fresh grave and the hand & eye coming out of the ground.

From the street. The white crosses were the ones I was making. (I finished them yesterday.)

My anti-procrastination project today was a mini one - I did a very, very small amount of shredding.


  1. I like your anti procrastination project...
    fantstic idea for Halloween :)

  2. awesome decorations!

    -Jen R.