Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Press more carefully

Today I continued cleaning out my desk.

Things I found:
- a manual for some software I had to buy for one of my university courses
- my old home ec sample book from grade 9 (Comments tended to be along the lines of "press more carefully" - shocking I don't iron these days, isn't it.)
- notes from my gold Duke of Edinburgh's award expedition


  1. I never got to take home economics - it wasn't offered @ my high school. When I was in elementary school I tried to take it, but I got the boot and was told to enlist in shop class instead!

  2. When I started grade 9, I had the choice of three high schools. Most of the classes were the same at all the schools, but at 2 of the schools, you had to pick 2 of French, Home Ec, and shop. I picked the third school (which was an all-girls school), so I had to take French and Home Ec.

    In grade 10, my family moved to a small town. The next year, I had to either take gym or shop - I picked shop. The desk I'm cleaning out is the one I made in that shop class.