Thursday, October 8, 2009

Feeling foolish

Do you remember how my cordless drill didn't work? Do you also remember how everyone asked me if I had charged the battery?

Do you remember how I said that I'm not an idiot and of course I charged the battery? And how I had even tried another battery?

Funny story.

Today I decided to work on building a new composter. The old one had been moved a couple of times and was falling apart. A few weeks ago, I painted some boards that I had sitting around the house.

Then it rained for two weeks. Today, however, it was nice out.

I knew the drill wasn't working, but I decided to plug in the battery just to be sure.

I then went outside, screwed the composter together by hand, then came inside to get screening (for the parts that won't be covered by wood).

(Last year, I bought more screening for the back door because I couldn't find the stuff I originally had. Today I found the original box of screening ... underneath the second box. I'm forgetful and blind but consistent.)

Anyway, I took the partially charged battery, put it in the drill, and ... the drill works.


I also tidied parts of the workbench in an attempt to find the staples for my staple gun.

It turns out they were on a chair. (Believe me, cleaning and organizing that room is on the list of things I need to do.)

In other news, I went to the doctor about my foot today. It's a rest/ice/anti-inflamatory thing. I'll have to skip the gym (and boxing) this week and next week, but hopefully it will recover soon.

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