Thursday, October 29, 2009

Remember when I was complaining about being bored?

I got a call this morning - I have another interview on Monday. The job posting was really vague, so I'm not sure what to expect for this one.

This afternoon, I went to a meet & greet with a staffing company. It was quite interesting, and I gave them my resume.

I also followed up with the staffing company that got me that interview last week - as I suspected, I'm not getting that one.

Tomorrow is free (other than regular Friday stuff). Saturday I have 3 tests to write for a federal government job.

I'm glad it's busy, but at the same time I was getting used to not having to do much.

Anyway, on to the anti-procrastination projects today.

Last Christmas, one of my necklaces broke. I tried to scam my dad into fixing it, but he was too clever for that. It has sat on my dresser every since, still broken.

Today I fixed it. It took about 2 minutes - because I had to go downstairs to get a pair of pliers.

I also cleaned my fish's bowl. That shouldn't count as an anti-procrastination project - except I have been putting it off for three weeks. It was either clean it or get reported for cruelty to fish. Anyway, his bowl is clean now.

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