Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last week was busy. I had my usual activities, of course, but that wasn't it.

Part of it was Halloween - we had our party at Sparks on Tuesday, then I brought the first load of Halloween stuff to work on Wednesday.

Wednesday was Diwali, and my group covered for our colleagues in India by answering the phones all day. We had been afraid that it would be crazy, but it actually wasn't bad.

Adding to the busy-ness, I went to a career fair on Wednesday night.

Thursday was basically just a chance to catch my breath before Friday.

To start with, Friday was a scheduled fire drill at work. Normally, that wouldn't be a cause for concern, but I had a job interview scheduled that morning. Since I park under the building, I was afraid that if the fire alarm went off at the wrong time, I wouldn't be able to leave.

I worked from home instead.

The interview went well, I think - in the sense that I think they got a good view of what I've done. I didn't get as good a view simply because they have a long screening process, so they aren't really hiring for a specific job so much as a pool to fill jobs from.

Of course, Friday was also our Halloween party at work.

My group was doing Hansel & Gretel. We had a cardboard house that we put up over the door to a conference room, a dog cage in the corner, a fireplace in the corner, and a table full of goodies. I was the witch. (A friendly witch - I got to invite people in to have goodies and check out the cage.) This meant I had to bring my costume, some goodies, and a few other things that didn't make it in on Wednesday - as well as my work bag with my laptop and lunch and my briefcase for the interview.

We didn't win - apparently, we came in second - but the finger cookies got rave reviews.

By the time I got home again, I was exhausted. You know that kind of exhaustion you feel after you've been far too busy (even if you weren't doing anything strenuous)? I was that kind of exhausted.

Even I'm surprised I followed that by shopping for five hours on Saturday. I'm still not sure how that happened.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I haven't taken a single nap all weekend

I've done a lot of baking in the last couple of weeks. It started last weekend, when I made two cakes for a friend's birthday party.

There was one minor mishap when one of the two layers for the black forest cake slid off the counter and landed on the floor. Luckily, the recipe specified cutting the layers in half horizontally and only using three of the four halves.

This weekend, it was time for Halloween baking.

Now, I normally don't do a lot of baking for Halloween, but we're having a party at work on Friday and I said I'd make cookies. My group is decorating a conference room as the witch's house from Hansel & Gretel, so I decided to make two types. Yesterday, I made gingerbread cookies. Today, it was finger cookies. They turned out well. (Wanda shuddered every time she went into the kitchen.)

(Yes, some of the food colouring ended up on the finger part instead of the nail part. The same thing happens when I paint my actual nails - which is one of the reasons why I rarely do.)

I'm supposed to be the witch on Friday. (Co-workers are being Hansel, Gretel, and the woodcutter.) That was a good plan until I scheduled a job interview for Friday morning.

Maybe I'll wait to paint my face green until after the interview.

Monday, October 17, 2011

If you need anything from me, you'll have to wake me up first

For the last month or so, I've been really sleepy. I could sleep 16 hours a day - except, of course, I have other things to do.

My assumption has been that I'm getting a cold - but that usually doesn't take a month.

I'm not sure whether to wish my immune system were weaker (so that I'd get sick & get it over with) or stronger (so that I just could avoid the sick thing altogether).

Tonight, I debated whether I should go to the gym or not. Normally, I'd skip the gym if I were sick, but:
a) I'm more sleepy than sick, and
b) following that rule, I wouldn't have been to the gym in weeks.

I went, and I survived most of the class (although I pretty much just sat there during the ab track).

I feel like I should sum this up somehow, but mostly I just want a nap.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Reasons To Cook A Turkey (Even Though You're Feeling Too Anti-Social To Invite Anyone Over):

  1. Turkey
  2. Just because Grandma's not here doesn't mean we can't have turkey
  3. Turkey sandwiches (with homemade buns and, if I'm feeling exceptionally ambitions, homemade mayonnaise)
  4. Turkey salad (turkey, green onions, grapes, celery, & apples in a mayo/honey mustard/lemon juice dressing)
  5. Turkey tetrazzini
  6. Did I mention turkey sandwiches?
  7. Turkey soup
  8. Let's face it, there's not much that's easier to cook than a turkey.
Working from home tomorrow might be tricky if I'm in a turkey-induced coma which I will almost certainly be).