Sunday, November 8, 2009

Letters from the past

Today I was able to walk around the house without wearing shoes. It has been about a month since I've been able to do that, so I'm quite excited about it. My right foot is still turned out mysteriously, but it doesn't hurt, so that's fine.

I also continued cleaning out my desk today. I found a bunch of cards and letters. Let me share a letter from my sister Wanda soon after I moved to Ottawa:

Dear Colette,
Hi, my Darling, Sweet, Generous sister who is going to send me money. (In case you didn't guess, I was sucking up.) Did you watch Lois and Clark on Sunday? How are things in Ottawa? Did you get fired yet? If you didn't I am very proud of you. So are we better then [sic] those Ottawa Pathfinders? Well the play is doing O.K. but we can't seem to dance and sing at the same time. My mind is wandering around in fear because Kathleen got her Lisence [sic] and Ted is going for his sometime today. Am I asking too many questions? I probably am, huh? Hum de dum. (Is that how you spell hum de dum.)
From your Darling sister,
P.S. Write back soon.


  1. Apparently the sucking up worked 'cuz you're letting her live with you. Also, good job, it ended up taking you, what, 14-15 years to get fired?

    Now you have something to hold over her head.

  2. It was 12 years, and I got laid off, not fired. :)

    I love the line "my mind is wandering around in fear because Kathleen got her license". I kept repeating it to her last night. It still makes me laugh.