Thursday, November 26, 2009


My kitchen has a cupboard intended for use as a pantry. It starts at about waist height and is almost as deep as my refrigerator. Immediately underneath it are two cutting boards, mostly used to put stuff on when moving stuff around in the pantry.

The above picture is how it was earlier today.

Today I cleaned it out and organized it. Now, instead of having pasta all over the place, it's all in one spot. The after picture is below.

Now all that remains is keeping stuff where it's supposed to go.

(The shelves are straight, by the way. It's the camera angle that is crooked.)

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  1. I bought a stand-alone pantry as I always, always need room for food. At least once a year I tidy it up and it looks fantastic...for longer than what I think it will...but then I let things go...that's where we are right now. I love things looking organized and tidy!