Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seeing Red

So today is Wanda's birthday.

I started the day by washing all of my sheets and my duvet cover. I then put them all in the dryer (with a few pieces of clothing) and ... it turned into a giant ball of clothes inside my duvet cover. It was funny, but it took a long time to detangle. I split it into two loads and dried them that way.

Our cousin Daniel came over for supper and to watch the game.

Well, let me back up.

I come from Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan has a football team - the Roughriders. Rider football is a very, very big deal in Saskatchewan. Rider fans are probably the most rabid fans in the Canadian Football League.

The CFL final (the Grey Cup) was tonight ... and last week the Riders won the western final, so they were playing in the Grey Cup against the Montreal Alouettes. This year, the game was in Calgary, which is an 8 hour drive from Regina. The stadium was packed with Riders fans. It was essentially like playing at home.

In fact, I heard rumours that a grocery store in Calgary ran out of watermelons and had to special order more. (Riders fans hollow them out and wear them as hats. No, wearing a watermelon as a hat in Calgary in November doesn't seem like a good idea to me either.)

The Alouettes were heavily favoured by everyone other than the fans, but the Riders took an early lead. By halftime, they were up by 2 touchdowns.

Starting the second half, the Alouettes started to catch up. The last few minutes, they were two points down. With five seconds left, they tried for a field goal and missed.

Zero seconds left on the clock.

And ... a penalty was called because the Riders had too many men on the field. The Alouettes went for the field goal again and they got it. The Riders lost by one point ... after leading for the entire game.

This is why I don't usually watch football.


  1. I'm confused about the watermelons [I don't watch Canadian football, except for once for my thing-a-day blog]...does it have some sort of special significance? Seems a bit frosty and sticky to me...

  2. Yeah, sports tend of up my Blood pressure too. Looks like we both have "see red" posts going on today! (Though mine is more mid post)

  3. Being from Saskatchewan, the watermelon ritual is a bit of a mystery. No one is quite sure where the tradition started but our rabid football fans have made it out to be a definite tradition -wearing a watermelon shows your Rider Pride. Saskatchewan fans are a bit interesting - Green all the way. It was a disappointing finish to a great game - but they still did a great job all season.

  4. My personal theory is that watermelons are green and bigger than the average human head, thus they're the "logical" headgear for a team whose colour is green. And yeah, it sounds awful.