Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tidying up

Today was relatively busy. I had a baby shower to go to this afternoon, so I had to get my errands done in the morning.

My right ankle and thigh are still messed up from yesterday. I finally switched out of sandals into real shoes today, but can't find the arch supports I usually wear in my fall shoes. I wanted to use them, since I figured they would be helpful in getting my foot to recover. However, no luck so far. (I'm pretty sure I brought them to Europe with me back in June, but I have no idea where they went after that.)

Anyway, while I as looking for them, I took the opportunity to tidy up a few things that have been out of place for too long.

A few weeks ago, my regular shampoo was not playing nicely with my hair, so I took my travel kit apart to use that shampoo. It was still sitting on the floor, so I replaced the shampoo and put it away.

I tidied the shoe rack in the front hall closet.

I also tidied some of my dresser - it's usually quite neat, but still needed some clean up.

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