Friday, September 25, 2009

Not a fan

I've talked about boxing before (many times), but tonight I'm going to tell you about my least favourite part - skipping.

I have zero skipping ability. I'm a lot better than I used to be, but it definitely does not come easily for me.

In my current level, most of our skipping is backwards. I'm just as bad at skipping backwards as I am at skipping forwards, so that's fine.

This week, our skipping rounds consisted of the following (all backwards):
- high knees sprint (10 seconds)
- alternating kick outs* (10 seconds)
- crossed feet ** (10 seconds)
- cross overs (10 seconds)
and then repeat until the 30 second bell, at which time it was 15 seconds on one foot and 15 seconds on the other foot.

Somehow, I managed to injure (pull?) a muscle in my right thigh. That made my skipping look more like: skip on left leg, lifting right knee, skip on right leg, try not to fall over, trip, start over.

For my anti-procrastination task today, I decided to cover the fans that I use in summer with plastic bags and put them downstairs out of the way. (That way the fan blade doesn't get full of dust, so you don't have to take the fan apart and clean it before turning it on next year.)

The only down side to this plan was the part where I had to come back upstairs afterwards. It turns out that muscle that I hurt is important when climbing stairs.

However, I prevailed and the fans are safely away for the winter.

* alternating kick outs - skip on your left foot, with your right foot by your side. Skip on your left foot again, kicking your right foot out in front of you, then repeat on your right foot.

** crossed feet - skip with your feet side by side , then skip with one foot in front of the other, go back to side by side, then put the other foot in front.


  1. I love skipping, although I admit that I've never used it in this fashion. I wish I could do double dutch skipping @ a gym or something!

    I never put my fans away because our house is so hot. The dust they collect [even though they run almost constantly] is crazy and annoying.

  2. Sometimes I think my coach makes us skip just to see how badly I can mess it up. :) The class is on a balcony that goes around a swimming pool, and I've gotten the rope tangled in the railing. I've whipped myself in the face with the rope. I regularly untie my shoes with the skipping rope. I have to admit it's pretty funny.