Thursday, September 10, 2009

So ... apparently summer is over?

Somehow fall always manages to surprise me.

I'm not really sure why. I suspect the non-summery weather we've had the last two years has something to do with it - this year summer didn't think about starting until August, and last year it didn't arrive at all - but it happened even before that, so that's not the whole story.

I tend to be pretty busy during the school year, and much less busy during the summer. I like the activities I do, but I also apparently really enjoy having more flexibility during the summer. (I could do less during the year, but if I don't have a good reason to leave the house in February, I won't.)

And let's face it, there are really two things I do during the rest of the year that I don't do in the summer - Sparks and boxing. That's, at most, 4 hours out of my week.

That doesn't mean that I didn't regret a bit that boxing started last week or that Sparks registration was tonight.

I enjoy them both, and I know that in a couple of weeks I'll be back into my regular schedule. Right now, though, I wish it were still summer.


  1. I feel like summer is not "real life" so I enjoy fall quite a bit. I like things getting back to normal - school, work, TV...the only bad part is it means that baseball will be finished soon-ish. Also, I adore fall weather.

  2. I love the fall. Some people are all like "Summer is the greatest" because they are always going places in the summer like on trips and to their cabin...for me it is Fall. I like to take a trip in the Fall, get involved in new things and of Course watch College Football! I also love fall weather and the changing of the leaves on the trees!

  3. I do love fall weather as well. I think the thing is that when fall ends (and it gets all gray and rainy), I'm anxious for the first snowfall. In March, I'm sick of snow and anxious for spring. By late May/June, I want the sunny summer weather. I like fall, I just am rarely ready for summer to end - probably because my definition of what summer weather should be like is hot & sunny, and that doesn't happen consistently, so I just feel like I'm not ready for the next season.