Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good thing it's garbage day tomorrow

Today my anti-procrastination project was to start organizing the storage room.

I broke down some boxes for recycling. (What are the chances that I will need the box for my hair dryer? Zero? So why do I still have it?)

I also got rid of some garbage (Hmm, these pieces allow me to attach my solar lights to the deck ... but I don't have a deck, and I'm never planning to build one, and if I did build one, I would probably still want the solar lights at the front of the house ... why am I keeping them again?).

It's far from completed - you will be hearing much more about this project - but it's a start.


  1. I'm kinda dreading having a house with extra rooms. I can see myself getting out of control with keeping stuff.

    Good for you for reigning it in!

  2. So Colette, does this mean I can send all my boxes that my Dad and Stepmom are storing to you? (Just kidding!)