Sunday, September 27, 2009

An odd assortment of stuff

The last few days I have done relatively quick projects. Today, however, I decided to do something a bit more elaborate.

Basically, I moved all of the furniture in my bedroom and vacuumed behind it. While I was doing that, I also went through some of the papers sitting around. I found more books than strictly necessary. (When I get a job, I will have to buy a bookshelf for the bedroom.)

Other things I found while cleaning:
- the cell phone charger that goes with the cell phone I had 10 years ago
- many, many buttons that came with clothing I bought
- many boarding passes (now disposed of)
- receipts and plastic bags from clothing stores
- letters from my mom and dad in 1993 (I assume my sister's cough is better by now.)
- the index to my Rome map (which would have been useful when I was in Rome this year)
- a picture of me kissing the blarney stone
- an Egyptian newspaper
- the transfer from Heathrow to the hotel when I was in London - not my last trip enroute to Botswana, the time before that

Sadly, I didn't get the whole room done - I didn't touch the closet. That is a task for another day, since most of what is on my closet floor is clothing that needs to be given away. Cleaning the closet floors will have to wait until I get rid of it.


  1. Good for you! My house is way overdue for a big cleaning, but somehow I always manage to find something else to do :-)

  2. Doesn't it feel great when you complete a project like that? I just finished cleaning out my old desk at work to move into a new one and could not believe the things that I found!

  3. Kathy, I totally understand! That's why my anti-procrastination challenge was the obvious choice for me.

    And Jackie, yes, I was very happy when I was done - and it was interesting to see what stuff I could find. This was all stuff that was out in the open, too - it's not like I cleaned out any drawers or cabinets.