Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well, after several consecutive posts last week, I somehow managed to take a break for 6 days. The sad part is that I can't even tell you what I've been doing. Yes, it's that memorable.

Let's see what I remember.
  • Fall has definitely arrived. The days are nice and sunny during the day but colder at night. In fact, today my feet are so cold I'm considering wearing socks. (I probably will play the wii for a while instead. That should warm my feet up.)
  • I went to use my cordless drill on the weekend, and it doesn't work. I have no idea why it decided to break while not actually in use. (Yes, the batteries are charged.) I tried my usual battery-powered appliance fix (i.e. take the battery out for a day or so, then put it back & try again), but that did not do it. That fix is effective over 50% of the time, but sadly, this was not one of those times.
  • Sparks starts tonight. You would think I have been ready last week but no, I got organized this afternoon.
  • If I have 100 things to do, I will get 99 done. If I have 1 thing to do, it's going to be a while (and, in fact, it may never get done). This is not a good trait when job hunting.
  • Remember how last November I had a headlight continually go out? It turned out the socket had melted, and had to be replaced. Today I discovered that the other headlight had the same problem. I got that fixed this morning. Could these random electrical problems be in some way related to the fact that my radio/CD player won't play CDs if it's too wet outside?
  • I dragged Wanda out apple picking last Wednesday. On Friday, I made an apple/peach pie to use up some peaches that were getting old. It turned out well. On the weekend Wanda and I made 4 apple pies to freeze. I still have a lot of apples left.
  • I'm having lunch tomorrow with a former co-worker who was laid off a few weeks after me. I'm hoping I will be motivated to go work on my Java course in the morning before I meet her.


  1. I bought 4 pairs of Halloween socks @ the Dollarama on Monday and I wore socks yesterday...of course it was humid out and I had to abandon them. I love sock weather though!

    I always play Wii barefoot, lest some horrible injury befall me.

  2. Hmm. I have no Halloween socks. Perhaps I should make a trip to Dollarama.

    It's warm outside here, but not warm enough to significantly warm up the house - so if I go outside, I don't need socks.