Thursday, November 11, 2010

Social Media For The Win

On Monday, I got an e-mail from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for Ontario. They are launching a new website, and their social media team is contacting Ontario bloggers.

The website is here.

I looked at it, thought it was interesting but not terribly relevant to me right now. I have a doctor, I'm not waiting for tests or surgery, but it's good to know it's good to know that it's there.

Then today, there was a discussion about which emergency room had the shortest wait times, and I remembered the web page.

It was quite the coincidence - I mean, in my years of working, there have been two times when someone has gone to the emergency room, and one of them was four days after I got an e-mail telling me how to check wait times. (It wasn't anything life-threatening, by the way.)

Of course, I don't have the end of the story - the wait times on the web could have been way off. I guess Ill find out tomorrow.

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