Friday, November 5, 2010

Gee, this looks familiar

I work in a high-rise building. There is one elevator from the underground parking structure to the lobby, and another one from the lobby up to the various office floors.

The parking structure is like most other ones - there is a level every half-floor as the ramps loop around. I usually park on the P2 level. Specifically, I park on P2 up a flight of stairs from the elevator on P2.

Yesterday and today, though, I didn't start work until 10, which meant that P2 was full.

Yesterday I parked on P4 - also up a flight of stairs from the elevator. Wen I left work, though, I had it in my head that I had parked on P3. I took the elevator down to P3, walked up the flight of stairs, and ... no car.

There is a stairwell that is the emergency exit from the parking shelter. Like the elevators, you can only get onto the stairwell from every half floor.

When I realized I had parked on P4, I walked down the stairs, took the stairs in the stairwell down to P4 and then took the stairs on P4 up to where I had parked.

This morning, I made a point of noticing that I parked on P3. When I left work, I took the elevator down to P3, walked up the flight of stairs, and ... no car.

I had parked on P3, but I had parked on the same level as the elevator. Again, I walked down the stairs (the same stairs as yesterday, incidentally) and looked around. There was my car, right where I had left it.

Luckily, next week I work the early shift, so I should be able to park on P2, but you don't hear from me, check the parking garage.


  1. Your parking lot seems far too complicated to me.

  2. It is far more complicated than necessary, that's for sure.