Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What on earth follows the P?

Today on the way out of the gym I picked up a Women's Post (Canada's Newspaper for P <... covered by a picture ...> omen.

Ah, their web site tells me the P stands for Professional.

I found it interesting that the cover story is by a man. (Not that men can't write things of interest/value to women, of course.)

As well, many of the articles had little to do with professional women - there was a lot about the arts, but that's a very specialized area.

Also, there is a real estate section that doesn't include information on where the real estate is (although the phone numbers are Toronto numbers). Canada's a lot bigger than just Toronto.


  1. Everyone accuses us in Toronto of being the centre of the's not the fault of Ms. or Mr. Average Torontonian...I think it might be the fault of people who don't even live here.

  2. Alternatives to what the P could stand for...

    Premenstrual, Procrastinating, Palatial, Persnickety, Patient, Paparazzi, Popcorn-Eating, Pitchforking, Parachuting, Pepper Spray Packin', Pontificating ...

    Ok, I'm done. The "o" in women is covered just enough that one could believe it actually says "men". So, add any of the aforementioned P words in front of "men" and you could have yourself quite a different type of newspaper.