Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Food ... and the contest results!

First, there was lunch where I sat on a patio drinking a smoothee and eating sticky chicken tramezzini in the winter.

(Believe me, Botswanan winters don't feel like winter - although it is chilly first thing in the morning and at night.

Then there was supper were I ate saswaa, a traditional food. It was beef with pap. (What is pap? I still don't know.) Beef is big in Botswana, and they are very proud of it. However, I grew up on well fed Canadian beef which I still prefer. Anyway, it turned out to be shredded, seasoned beef. It tasted kind of fatty. (Maybe that's what pap is?) The white stuff that looks like potato? That seemed to be mushed up rice.

Over all, it was OK but I don't think I'll rush out to have it again.

Finally, the contest winner.
The creativity prize goes to Camille for the following suggestion:
- Do a mini-workout in the hotel lobby, pretending you are hosting a workout show on TV - make sure to get the hotel staff and other guests involved.
(Note: I do not see myself doing that.)
The bonus prize was awarded as follows:
There were 4 people who gave me comments. I assigned them all a letter/number combination, then I flipped 2 Botswanan coins to determine the result.
The 25 thebe coin was the letters - A was if the 25 was showing, B if it wasn't. (I have no idea of head/tails on these coins)
The 5 thebe coin was the numbers - 1 if the 5 was showing, 2 if it wasn't.
And ... A1 came up, so congratulations to Connie.
Prize delivery details will follow when I get back to Canada.
Edited to add: Thank you to all who made suggestions. I enjoyed reading all of them, and I will probably be using some of them next week.


  1. Thanks. That was fun! Now I have to wait for my WONDERFUL prize - think elephants!! Camille

  2. Well, I feel honoured. I can honestly say I've never been involved in a Botswanian coin toss before! And to win it is just too much to hope for!

  3. I wasn't even close to winning. It's clear of course that those coins were weighted. The side with numbers showing just happened to show both times? Puh-lease! (I hope it's clear that I am joking...Congratulations Connie!)

  4. I was wondering when the sore losers would come out of the woodwork....;)