Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today I met up with a couple of friends and I had a picnic at someone else's workplace. It was nice. Hopefully we'll be able to do it again.

Also, I am holding a contest.

Here's the deal. I will be living in a hotel room for a couple of weeks (without transportation) so new things will be hard to find. I'm looking for suggestions for new things I can do that do not require accessories/ingredients and do not involve leaving the hotel.

To enter, leave me a comment with one or more suggestions. (You can also leave me suggestions for more complicated things to do but I'm really looking for easy/simple things.)

The contest lasts a week, which means it ends next Tuesday (which I believe is July 29).

The winner will be chosen based on my subjective opinion on which idea is the most interesting (and fits the criteria most closely). The winner will, of course, get a prize.

Editted to add:
To add a comment click on the link that tells you how many comments there are already. A window should pop up. You can post using your google (i.e. gmail) account if you have one, or choose Anonymous or Open/URL. Just make sure your name is in the post somewhere.

I will be bringing the prize back from my trip, if that provides any incentive to enter.


  1. My idea:

    Actually read all of the pamphlets, etc. that the hotel leaves in the room. Also, go a day just using the accessories they provide (such as shampoo).

  2. I do have some suggestions for you, but I wanted to respond to your thing-er on the left hand column re: fruit flies. I find them in the bathroom too - I think they are attracted to fruity cleaning agents and also fruity things for yourself - like shampoos, etc.

    I have some lemon all-purpose cleaner sitting on the kitchen table and the fruit flies are going for that over the actual super ripe food also on the table.

  3. Here are my wonderful suggestions that fit in with your criteria:

    - Every time you walk by the hotel front desk, ask them for your hotel room # as you 'forgot' it again.
    - Do a mini-workout in the hotel lobby, pretending you are hosting a
    workout show on TV - make sure to get the hotel staff and other guests involved.
    - Hold a singing concert in the hotel lobby
    - Be a fire warden, make it your mission to inform all guests of what they should do in case of a fire
    - do lunges and squats up and down the stairs - every time you use the
    stairs...only use the stairs that day!
    - Every meal, count your chews as you eat your food. And keep a journal of it!!
    - Watch TV for 1 hour without any sound and without closed captioning
    - phone home from Africa
    - comb your hair 10 times that day - counting 100 strokes each time
    - Sleep upside down - your head at your feet and your feet at your head

    I will leave it up to you to decide what you want to do. Have fun in Africa!!! Cam

  4. About the fruit flies ... it's odd, the house has fruit flies constantly from mid-July to mid-September. It's very consistent, and completely unrelated to the amount of fruit, etc. around. (That doesn't really change througout the year). I suspect they like the toothpaste in the bathroom, although that doesn't really explain why they're often on the mirror.

  5. - Watch your HIMYM DVD's in French with English Subtitles. Or no subtitles. Unless you already did this with Angel.
    - Everytime you start you ask a question, preface it by saying "Question:." Start your answers with "Answer:."
    -Buy your favourite sister clunky jewellry (wait, that's not so new- do it anyway!)
    -Watch a TV show you've never seen before, especially if it's like Botswanian or something.
    -Don't wear your watch. Everytime you finish talking to someone say "Oh goodness, Look at my wrist, I got to go."
    -Learn the national anthem for Botswana.
    - Smuggle something illegal out of the country. (or not...)

  6. Don't forget I have a Photo Scavenger Hunt just for going out of town (Road Trip version). Print off the list, and see how many of the objects you can find in or around your hotel!

    Here are my suggestions:
    -Get a complimentary, trial size of something you "forgot" from the front desk.
    -Sit with a stranger at breakfast.
    -Order in dinner, and tip the delivery person with something other than money.
    -Ask the concierge to teach you a phrase in the local language.

  7. Colette, if you prefaced all your questions with 'Question:', people might think you're a Destiny's Child wannabe. Maybe you should dress like them and do this!

  8. re: prefacing all questions with "Question" ...

    I was thinking it sounded like Dwight on The Office. That would be quite hilarious.