Monday, July 28, 2008

Walking to the mall

I forgot to mention - don't forget that Tuesday is the last day for the contest! I've decided to make a change - there will be 2 prizes - one for the most creative entry & one drawn at random from the entries.


Today I wanted to go to the mall for lunch, and our ride was not around, so my colleague and I walked to the mall (in Africa). I've gone in a car dozens of time, but I've never walked before. It was a nice walk - it's a little over a kilometer. I didn't see any big lizards, but I did see a small one.

I took pictures along the way, but unfortunately my camera's memory card was in my computer, so I can't download them until I get home.

Later, we went to the main mall and looked at locally made souvenirs. The local handcrafts are mostly carvings and baskets. They were very inexpensive. I spent about $30 and got 4 things.

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