Thursday, July 24, 2008

Powered off

Well, I'm off on another trip. The hotel I'm staying at is just left of the centre of that map (and just to the right of what looks to be an empty lot, but is actually attached to the school nearby). The hotel is kind of L-shaped but with a gap - the restaurant is actually in the parking lot and is not attached to the rest of the hotel.

Anyway, since I'm probably the only one interesting in my messing around with google maps, I'll get on with it. Inspired by Krstlchik's green tips, I'm doing something I've never done before - I'm powering off the electronics in my entertainment stand before I leave. (Usually I don't do that because I won't be able to record anything, but it's summer and there's nothing on, so I'll give it a try.)

Updates will continue whenever I have internet access, so stay tuned.

Also, don't forget about the contest!

The prize will be something I pick up on my trip, so get those contest entries in.

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