Saturday, July 5, 2008

Paddle boats

My sister called me on Thursday night to find out if I'd be home this weekend & if it was OK for her to come and visit.

Here is a part of our conversation:
Colette: Hey, what do you think of paddle boats?
Wanda: I don't know. Wait, you've never done that before, have you?

In fact, I have been in a paddle boat before. However, today is the first time that I did a labyrinth in a paddle boat.

It took us about 1.5 hours. We did the simplest option, which just involved following numbered beavers throughout the labyrinth. There were 50 in total.

I'm glad there were signs, as it was really easy to get disoriented.
There were other options (involving using a guide book & figuring out clues) but I'm glad that we went for this one, as it gave us the most opportunity to just relax and look around.

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