Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mmm, saskatoons...

Today I went to the Main Street farmer's market. It happens every Saturday from 9-2. I've been to other farmer's markets, but not this one. It required me to find Main Street, which is harder than you would expect.

The whole goal was to get saskatoon berries. I grew up in Saskatchewan, where they grow wild. Every year we'd all traipse off to the bush to pick them. It took a really long time. I much prefer buying them already picked. :)

Also on the way home I had to stop while the Pretoria bridge was raised to allow a boat to go under it on the canal.

(Picture 1: farmer's market; Picture 2: saskatoons Picture 3: the bridge)

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  1. They were promoting these berries @ my local farmer's market. I didn't make it down last week, but hopefully they will still have them this week.