Thursday, January 24, 2008

You wouldn't believe how long it took to upload these pictures

I worked at head office today.

Here's what it looks like in that area:

There aren't a lot of restaurants around - at least not a lot we know about - so at lunch, my colleague and I went back to the Riverwalk mall. This is the "inside" of the mall - a few levels of layered coverings, no real roof or walls. Otherwise, much like what we think of as a mall.

We went to a restaurant whose name escapes me at the moment (Apache something, I think). When we were there, we sat in a section that had been closed until our server opened it up for us. As well, I ate in a restaurant that offered "monkey gland" burgers. (Apparently, no actual monkey glands are used. )

There's a reason they call it rainy season. On the way to the mall:

And, for Jennifer, the bill at dinner came in this:

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