Sunday, January 27, 2008

Today was the sunniest day so far.
We went on a game drive at Mokolodi Nature reserve. Yesterday's game drive was self-driven. This one was at a bigger game reserve, and was led by a guide.
Actually, we saw more animals yesterday.
However, today we did see a giraffe, elephants, and a cheetah. The elephants were with their trainers, but it was interesting to watch them pull up branches, eat the leaves, and then spray dirt onto their backs to cool off.
I got to pet the cheetah.

We saw more warthogs, including some babies:

Today I also saw some unusual insects.

Later I went and read a book by the pool, where I saw the first mosquito I've seen in Africa. The book was set in Botswana, and talked about snakes more than I would have liked.

Editted to add:

I also learned the difference between male and female ostriches. Male ostriches are black (because they sit on the eggs at night) and femail ostriches are grey (because they sit on the eggs during the day).

And giraffes get darker as they get older.

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  1. I don't like the looks of that bug, I think it would freak me out - even though bugs don't bother me in general. The pool, on the other hand, looks beautiful!