Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Downtown Gaborone

Let's see, what happened today?

First of all, we now have a car. That means that we can eat outside of the hotel restaurant! (The restaurant here is good, but not for 2 weeks in a row.)

I think I was a little (i.e. a lot) dehydrated, so I'm making a point of drinking more. I also don't have much of an appetite, so I needed snacks. Accordingly, I bought bottled water and snacks at an African supermarket. The supermarket was at the open-air mall that I visited on Sunday. They were also offering travel vaccinations in the middle of the mall. And the pharmacy only sold medical-type stuff.

I also spent the day working in the switch room at the airport.

After work, my colleague & I went exploring downtown Gaborone (via car). There are few tall buildings.

A lot of buildings have parking lots with parking spots covered by canopies.

While we were driving around downtown, I saw two women carrying stuff in baskets on their heads.

It's interesting being in a place where labour is cheaper than mechanics. I saw a truckload of men digging a ditch to lay pipe today. Also, the hotel has a gate at the entrance of the parking lot. It is opened & closed by a worker.

Edited to add: Today was also the first day I was in a vehicle that had to stop so that a couple of dozen goats could cross the road. No idea where they were going, but we were on that road 4 times today, and they were only there once.

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