Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

I completely forgot it was St. Patrick's Day today. Luckily Google reminded me while I was eating breakfast.

Anyway, because it was St. Patrick's Day, Wanda decided to make potato soup and green lemon meringue pie (without the meringue) as per family tradition.

It's March Break here, which means that schools are closed, so I didn't have Sparks tonight. I arrived home at 5:30 or so, and Wanda was very confused. I'm sure I told her about it, but apparently she's been living here long enough to completely tune me out.

Anyway, I arrived home long before supper was ready, and much to my shock Wanda let me stay in the kitchen while she was cooking. (Usually it makes her nervous - or possibly annoyed as I go around shutting the cupboard doors behind her.)

The end result was very enjoyable though. I haven't had homemade potato soup in years - probably not since I moved to Ottawa.


  1. I love potato soup - I've never made my own though.

  2. FYI - if you cannot find green to wear, you should wear blue as that was the original colour of St Patrick.