Monday, March 16, 2009

Let this be a lesson to me

Some (all?) of you will not be surprised by this, but sometimes I can be very foolish.

Last night, for example, I wasn't ready for the weekend to be over, so I started reading a book and spent a lot of energy trying not to fall asleep. (Note: There has never been an instance where a book I was reading before falling asleep disappeared before I woke up.)

Of course, when I finally decided to allow myself to fall asleep, I was unable to do so. The worst part is that it's my own fault.

Anyway, after work I went to the gym. I haven't gotten back to my pre-Christmas routine, but I try to make it on Mondays and Wednesdays. Today was a beautiful sunny day - which unfortunately resulted in the group fitness room at the gym being really, really hot. It was exhausting- but I'm still glad I went.

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