Monday, March 30, 2009

Playing around

Another day, still sick. You may remember a long, long time ago I bought a Nintendo DS. Since I spend most of my time lying on the couch these days, I'm very glad I have it. It gives me something to do that doesn't require the amount of energy that holding up my head does.

Anyway, I bought a game that includes various card and board games, as well as pool and darts. I am getting better at darts and pool on the DS. I bowl about as well on the DS as I do in real life - so, in other words, not very well at all. I've also finally learned how to play backgammon. I'm glad I have the game.


  1. I have never had a Ds...I have a Wii and just love it!

  2. I find that if I'm feeling @ all unwell, I cannot play DS. Something about focussing on those little screens...but it's probably my favourite "console" these days.

    Is the game you got Clubhouse Games? If so, I got it several years ago @ xmas. I play the pool quite obsessively to this day.

  3. I got the DS because I knew I'd be doing a lot of travelling, and it is nicely portable. I am very happy with it (but I do want to get a wii one day).

    And yes, it's Clubhouse Games. It is remarkably addictive.