Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random occurrences

I usually meet up with some friends at church every week. However, in Lent we do something different - we do a Lenten journey. This consists of going to a different church every week in Lent.

Today after the service, I heard my sister talking to someone she obviously knew. I turned around, and there were my cousin and her daughter. It was an odd coincidence -the daughter lives in Ottawa, but my cousin was just in town for a week.

This afternoon I was inspired by the sunshine to hang my laundry out on the clothesline. I usually don't start hanging them outside until May, so usually I don't have to worry about the clothesline being shorter than usual due to the foot of snow that still remains on one side.

They didn't totally dry (I finished some of them in the dryer), but it was still nice to dry them partially outside.


  1. I'd love to hang my clothes on a line but I live in a stupid apartment...maybe when we get a house...

  2. I hated when the weather got nice enough for my parents to hang clothes outside. Instead of being all dryer fluffy, they got all bullet-proof hard. And with bugs inside.

  3. Jackie and Sydney,
    I air dry all of my laundry year round. I simply use laundry racks I can set them up either inside or out side on my small apartment patio.

    I get the energy and cost savings of air dryig and I am sure that my clothes are lasting much longer.