Thursday, March 19, 2009


I've mentioned that I bought a new table a month or so ago. Last week I called a local charity to pick up the old one. They arrived today. I was at work, but Wanda was home. In the end, they did not take the table - because one of the pedastal legs doesn’t come off.

I understand charities need to be selective about what they take, but this is a in perfect condition except for the inability to remove one of the table legs. (How often do you take the legs off your table?) The reason they gave Wanda was that they didn’t know if they had room.

I don’t think I will donate stuff this way again - it caused a delay of over a week waiting for them to arrive, someone had to sit around the house all day (because they couldn’t predict when they would show up), and in the end I still have the table.


  1. Speaking as someone who works with Charities all the time--that's just stupid! I so agree with you. If it is old, smelly or just unusable it would be one thing but this is quite another!

  2. That does seem a bit ridiculous. I mean, taking the legs off tables does make it easier to move, but you're not moving all the time.

    That being said, we have had some trouble donating items to charity here because they don't like to take any soft furnishings - including area rugs and stuff like that. I think they are concerned about bugs - but people need soft furnishings...and by charities not providing them, it leads more people to pick them up off the street [where, they probably do have bugs].