Friday, January 15, 2010

Yes, I'm still alive

Let me share some highlights from my week.
  1. The job I had the second interview for last week (which is the same job that asked for salary expectations in the subject line of the application) asked for references (which I provided).
  2. The appointment to get the results of the biopsy got pushed out a month.
  3. I went to the gym 4 days! (Yay! But I do need to work on finding a better schedule, especially for Thursdays.)
  4. Two recruiters contacted me about potential jobs.
  5. The job from #1 contacted me saying that their salary range was considerably lower than I had stated - should they still check my references?
  6. I filled out an application for security clearance for one of the jobs in #4.
  7. I procrastinated about starting my anti-procrastination project back up.
  8. One of the three bulbs in the light fixture in my bathroom burnt out. I have never replaced them, so now I need to figure out where to buy those weird bulbs. (And I might as well buy three at once.)
  9. It melted today. It is possible that I might now be able to open my green bin. I haven't tried yet today.
  10. I went to leave for boxing and couldn't find my purse. (I had left it in the car after pump class earlier today. It was still there.)
  11. The skin on my ankle kind of hurt, and when I finally looked at it a day later, I realized I had a cut that had become infected.
  12. I created a bunch of new miis. They are all better at Wii Sports Resort than I am ... even when I'm the one playing them.

So, to summarize: I have no idea what's going on job-wise. NBC is continuing to war with people who work for them. And I am re-starting the anti-procrastination project tomorrow.

How was your week?


  1. To answer your question in item no. 5: It wouldn't surprise me if they did this just in case they don't find someone appropriate at their desired salary range, or in case it doesn't work out with their new employee.

    Hopefully you'll get good news on the job front sometime soon!

  2. At the rate you're getting activities on the job front, I would think you'd have a new one quite soon!

  3. Connie, I wasn't clear - they asked me if they should contact my references. (I think they were trying to get me to commit to a lower salary.) I replied that I couldn't evaluate the salary without understanding the benefits, vacation time, etc. and that they could contact my references before we reached an agreement.

    Kathy, the amount of activity is certainly good news. I'm getting very impatient. :)