Friday, January 29, 2010


This is new release week at the gym. I said on twitter that I suspect that these particular new releases were planned to get rid of anyone who isn't really committed to going to the gym - i.e. the New Year's Resolutions people. I've done body pump twice and body combat once, and let me tell you, these releases are hard. I rarely get stiff after going to the gym, but this morning some muscles in my back were stiff. I'm not sure whether to blame combat (yesterday) or pump (on Wednesday). I'm leaning towards combat because that muscle is used a lot for upper cuts.

And ... that brings us to boxing today. I don't know why, but this week seemed much harder than usual (even though it wasn't a crazy hard week). I'm sore tonight, but it's the kind of sore that will be better tomorrow ... I hope.

On the job hunting front, I got a call yesterday about a job I applied for in Regina. We'll see what happens there.

I also have a second interview next week for the job I interviewed for last week. (How many people did I lose with that sentence?)

Spark camp is coming up - we're doing a winter camp in buildings - and for breakfast we're doing an interesting-sounding concoction of frozen hash browns, eggs, and cheese in the slow cooker. It sounds tasty, so I hope it turns out well.


  1. Camping indoors is really the only way I would ever consider camping in the winter. I am a most terrible Girl Guides.

    Good luck with the jobs!

  2. I much prefer camping in buildings in the winter too. I've camped outdoors in winter, but it's far more convenient to camp inside.