Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chocolate sushi

It has been a while since I've updated, so let me fill you in on what's been going on.

Yesterday was the annual Winter Carnival in the community. I was scheduled to work in the kitchen in the afternoon, then I had some friends coming over for dinner. When I get together with these friends, everyone brings something. (Yesterday, everyone brought more than one thing, so the food was plentiful.) One of my contributions was chocolate sushi.

I got the basic idea here.

I melted the chocolate chips, added the corn syrup, and refrigerated. When I pulled it out of the fridge, I divided it into four pieces:

It was a littler colder than I wanted it to be, so I microwaved each piece for 5 seconds immediately before rolling.

Believe me, rolling out the chocolate was a pain. I tried parchment paper and wax paper before settling on wax paper on the top, plastic wrap on the bottom. (Did I mention that I finally got my green bin open? The kitchen container was the recipient of the ripped parchment/wax paper.) It would start more easily, but cool as I rolled. Finally I had pieces the approximate size (20 c.m. by 20 c.m.). (Admittedly, I did some patching.)

When I had all of the chocolate rolled out, I mixed up the rice krispie squares, omitting one cup of cereal to make them gooier. They were much easier to roll out.

I stacked them on top of the chocolate, then put a row of dried strawberries and a row of marshmallows on one end.

Then was the easy part - I rolled them up, wrapped them in the plastic wrap they were sitting on, and stuck them in the fridge.

When it was time to serve them, I pulled them out and sliced them. The final product:

They were good, but pretty rich. The dried strawberries were tasty, but fresh strawberries probably would have been visually nicer.

Overall, they were a hit


  1. Sounds really interesting. What did your friends think?

  2. Her friends loved!!! They were really tasty and I took some home with me. Those did not last long either :-)

    Jen R.

  3. Yes, they were very popular! (We went through the remaining roll today as well.)

  4. They look so cool! But just looking @ them I can tell that they would take tremendous effort and patience to assemble.

  5. The assembly itself is easy, but like I said, rolling out the chocolate is really annoying - that took probably ten times as long as rolling out the rice krispie squares and assembling the whole thing.

  6. I am very impressed. Looks good from this end.